Stratcom is an international brand of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Directorate of Communications, with the goal of bringing together the bests in strategic communication.

In this context, Stratcom intends to establish Türkiye as a brand value in the international arena of strategic communication by focusing on all aspects of strategic communication and presenting the latest developments to large audiences through 360-degree media planning.

Stratcom, which seeks to be a leading platform for shaping the information environment and discussing issues in strategic communication, has been designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences, from the private sector to civil society.

Communication is regarded as an integrating power by Stratcom, which covers a wide range of topics from public diplomacy to content strategies, advertising to artificial intelligence, crisis communication to disinformation. It is an opportunity for those who wish to keep up with current developments in strategic communication on a global and local scale as well as expand their interaction with institutions and individuals.




Stratcom is a comprehensive campaign that includes a series of events. Side events hosted under the umbrella of Stratcom brand are Stratcom Summit, which is held annually as the main event of the Stratcom brand; Stratcom Talks, which includes short talks and interviews in which thematic issues are discussed with the participation of strategic communication professionals; and Stratcom Youth, which offers students studying in communication faculties the opportunity to develop their theoretical and practical knowledge in the professional sector, as well as meet with experts in their fields.


Stratcom goal to be a leading platform that shapes the strategic communication environment.





Leading Platform

Stratcom Summit'21 aims to become a leading platform that shapes strategic communication landscape.

Global Hub

Stratcom Summit will continue to remain as a global hub throughout 365 days a year and create one of the most vibrant international brands in the field of strategic communication through global events, publications, panels, activities and projects across the world.

International Engagement

Stratcom Summit'21 strives to improve international engagement and collaboration for exchanging ideas and experience by bringing together government officials, experts, journalists, scholars and practitioners from around the world.

Brings Together

Stratcom Summit’21 brings together world-known experts and leaders to address compelling policies, issues, challenges and trends vis-à-vis strategic communication ecosystem.

Global Engagement Hub

"Global Engagement Hub for Strategic Communication"

"Vibrant Ecosystem for Further Collaboration"

"Research and Training Center for Future Trends"